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At Birketts, we offer two different timber mat species. Our bog mats (or timber mats as they are otherwise known) are produced from either Oak or Tropical Hardwood, offering you different choices depending on the type of project.

So what timber mat species is right for you? Different wood types are suitable for different project types. Oak is the most common choice of timber bog mat, as it is very cost effective and can last for years if used correctly. Tropical Hardwood bog mats are even more durable and can last for up to two decades.

To know which timber mat species to choose, it helps to understand the properties of each type.

Oak Hardwood Timber Mats

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur oak bog mats are manufactured from European Oak, which is both durable and hardwearing when used as a temporary roadway in all applications of the construction industry. As they are reusable, they are very environmentally friendly and they cause minimal ground disturbance. Our oak timber mats are sourced from contracted sawmills in Europe, which respect National Forest Management Plans.

Birkett’s oak mats are produced to a very high standard using 5 x 200mm beams, Depending on the size of the mat, 19mm to 24mm bolts are used, which are all countersunk with strong washers and nuts to give a smooth finish. Each mat weighs from 320kg up to over 1 tonne, dependant on size.

Tropical Hardwood Timber Mats

tropical-hardwood-bog-matsThis timber mat species is manufactured using carefully selected Tropical Hardwoods from Africa and South America which are extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear. The main species we source for the production of Tropical Hardwood Mats are Ekki, Dabema, Mora and Cumaru as they all have the properties that are crucial to the production of a durable hardwearing mat, such as their hardness, interlocked grain and elasticity.

Ekki, an African timber species, is particularly known for its strength, whilst other species from Guyana also possess all the properties necessary for use in very severe conditions. Our tropical hardwood bog mats are perfect for use in water as their high density allows them to sink and stay at the bottom to provide a solid working platform.

Which Timber Mat Species is Best?

The best type of timber mat species depends on the application you need it for.

Ekki bog mats are considered the leading timber mat species due to this tropical hardwood’s incomparable durability and strength. Ekki is Class 1 durability.

Dabema bog mats are also considered to be an excellent choice, being similar in strength to European beech timber mats but far more durable. Dabema is Class 1 to 2 durability.

All of Birkett’s Tropical Hardwood bog mats are exceptionally long lasting and can withstand even the most demanding environments, including marshes, swamps and wetlands as well as tidal locations.

For temporary roadway use, Oak Hardwood bog mats offer cost effectiveness while still lasting for years when used correctly.

If you’re unsure of which timber mat species to choose, please get in touch and we will guide you to the best choice for your specific application.


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