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hire or buy bog mats

Whether you need bog mats to create roadways or to support heavy machinery on site then you may be considering whether it best to hire or buy them. Also known as crane mats, trackmats, ekki mats and temporary access mats. Bog mats can be used in a range of scenarios on any site where heavy machinery is used or where the ground underneath needs to be protected.

Should I Hire Bog Mats?

If you undertake a large number of projects requiring bog mats, then purchasing may be best for you. But there are a number of benefits in hiring them instead, including:

  • Cost reduction
  • No need to store
  • Delivery UK and Europe wide
  • Flexibility in sizes
  • Hire only what you need
  • Fast delivery

If you don’t plan on using bog mats regularly then it makes sense to hire them instead of purchase, this could save a substantial amount of money that can be used elsewhere on site. All of the mats we hire are made from good quality, sustainable timber and because of that we are able to hire out time and time again, meaning that our prices are able to remain highly competitive.

When you hire our bog mats, you can choose from a variety of sizes to suit your needs. If you aren’t sure exactly what you need, then our experienced team can help you to work this out. You can hire for a duration that suits your individual projects, whether that’s weeks, months or even a year or more.

When Should I Buy Bog Mats?

There is no point continually hiring mats if you use them on every project, the cost savings in hiring for one off projects will soon get eaten up. You will find the process of hiring bog mats soon becomes more expensive than purchasing your own.

Luckily, we are able to offer bog mats for sale at incredibly competitive prices. We supply a large proportion of the UK construction industry with timber bog mats which are used for a wide range of situations, including:

  • Stable platforms for cranes
  • Temporary access roads
  • Stable platforms for ‘parking’ heavy machinery on site
  • Protecting delicate soil underneath
  • Ensuring work continues in bad weather
  • Providing a base for temporary buildings and structures
  • Festivals and events
  • Keeping the site clean and most importantly machinery moving easily and freely

Our bog mats are not only used for construction of new buildings, they are also used for piling, riverside work, new road construction, embankment stabilisation and more.

So whatever your need, we can support your projects by either hiring or selling you the bog mats you need for an individual project or longer term needs. Some of our clients will hold purchased stock of bog mats which they can then ‘top up’ with hiring additional mats if required.

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