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Robinsons Scotland Ltd. chose Birketts Bog Mats to supply crane mats & bots mats for a project to build a riding arena, stable block & feed store with infrastructure & house extension for one of their clients in Scotland.

Robinsons is a family owned business based in Lockerbie, Scotland. By incorporating traditional family values with an ambitious, modern and flexible approach, Robinsons are fast becoming one of the leading construction companies in the UK.

They supply quality solutions unique to their clients as they understand that not every building fits into one category. If you have an idea, they have the knowledge and ability to help you find the best design solution without compromising on quality and budget.


Birketts Bog Mats are proud to supply Robinsons Scotland Ltd with Bog Mats & Crane Mats.

For all your Bogmat requirements – Purchase or Hire

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