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Why buy our crane mats?

Birketts crane matsOur crane mats are tough and hardwearing, making them suitable for multiple applications. They can be used for access roads, as crane support and access pads, for working platforms and tracks, in temporary compounds, for widening and extending roads, for bridges and crossings, to stabilise river and road embankments, in piling, marine and jetty applications and for general protection of land.

Crane mats can provide plant, machinery and vehicles to get to sites that would otherwise be challenging or perilous to access. No matter how soft, waterlogged or muddy the ground, crane mats can provide safe and solid access to a site. Crane mats can even allow awkward terrain such as sand and silt to be crossed.

Once on site, our crane mats provide a solid and stable base for even the heaviest of cranes, plant and machinery. Our thicker crane mats are able to support load capacities of up to 250 tonnes, turning any surface into a solid base to work from.

We only use European hardwood and tropical hardwood timber species, which are extremely durable, so when you purchase our crane mats you can be confident that they will last a long time. We also only use sustainable sources for our timber, making them environmentally friendly both from a manufacturing point of view. They also limit the impact on the environment by protecting the ground and underground services from damage and guarding against potential ground churn, disintegration and contamination during works.

As well as being easy to stack, transport and offload, Birkett’s crane mats are quick and easy to lay using lifting machinery that is already on site and our mats don’t need to be joined together.

Crane mat delivery

crane mats to buyWhen you purchase crane mats from Birkett, you know your delivery is in safe hands. We know that as well as supplying good quality products, it is important to our customers that we provide a reliable and quick delivery service. We have built up relationships with the most dependable hauliers and it is our top priority to ensure that you get your crane mats delivered when and where you expect them.

We offer fast and reliable delivery across the UK, Ireland and Europe at very competitive rates. Why not contact us today to purchase crane mats for your next project? Call us on +44 (0)1946 863021 or fill out our enquiry form to find out how we can help you.

Who purchases our crane mats?

Birkett crane mats are used in a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, nuclear and power, utilities, construction and civil engineering, solar and wind farms and events and festivals. They are used in infrastructure projects as well as by corporate and private landowners.

For the best quality, value for money and customer service, you can’t do better than purchase your crane mats from Birkett. We have over 40 years of experience and are trusted by our customers in the UK, Ireland and Europe as a leading supplier of durable and long lasting hardwood crane mats.



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