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General land protection is an important factor during construction works. How any impact on the underlying soil, surrounding landscape and nearby flora and fauna can be reduced should always be considered prior to beginning a project.

Bog mats can also be used for general land protection outside of construction projects. This allowa for access to delicate environments for research or conservation projects. By using ground protection mats you can ensure you aren’t adversely affecting sensitive ecosystems or soil conditions.

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Why Ground Protection Mats are Important

protecting the groundConstruction works that involve heavy plant machinery and vehicles can have a significant impact on ground conditions. This can affect not only the ground on which the works are taking place, but also surrounding agricultural land, landscapes, heritage sites and even nearby underground utility services.

If the ground is not adequately protected ground churn and rutting can lead to environmental damage. This can include things like disruption of sensitive ecosystems as well as cross-contamination across sites.

Soil is a basic natural resource that provides food and raw materials to support wildlife as well as regulating water flow. If proper consideration is not given to adequate ground protection it can lead to issues. Some of the most common problems are soil infertility and compaction in the surrounding environment. This can also cause an increase to the risk of an area becoming likely to flood.

Ensuring that a project has adequate land protection measures in place will avoid these sorts of problems. In addition to general land protection, it can also reduce business costs associated with compensation claims or environmental reinstatement, not to mention improve the image of a business and the construction industry in general. That’s why ground protection mats are so critical to this type of work.

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How ground protection mats can help

Protecting the ground with bog mats or crane mats can make a significant difference to the damage construction works might inflict on the surrounding land.

Used to create temporary access roads for construction vehicles, bog mats will guard against the ground churn that can so easily result when transporting materials, workers and machinery to and from the construction site. This is particularly important during wet weather conditions or if the surrounding area is muddy or slippery.

ground protection wildlifeBog mats will create a safe surface for construction traffic to travel upon as well as create a barrier between this traffic and the underlying ground (including any underground utility pipes and services). This is of double benefit, keeping workers, vehicles and machinery safe as well as protecting the surrounding landscape. Not to mention improving efficiency and preventing delays due to inclement weather or muddy conditions, which can have a substantial financial impact.

Using bog or crane mats on the construction site itself is of similar benefit. Crane mats will create a safe and solid base for cranes, pile drivers and other heavy machinery and vehicles, however uneven or muddy it is. They can also once again protect the underlying ground from construction traffic by creating walkways, roadways and parking areas on site. This allows workers and vehicles to move about freely without risk of getting stuck or damaging sensitive ground.



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