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High Quality Bog Mats Available to Purchase

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When you purchase bog mats from Birketts you know that you’re getting tough hardwood timber mats that will last for years, be durable and of the highest quality that goes hand in hand with our top notch customer service.

We are confident that if you buy from us you will never go elsewhere again.

Types of Mats Available

We supply a choice of different timber species to best suit your application, a wide range of bog mat sizes and even the option to purchase new or second hand ground protection mats. Birketts also offer a buy back option on our timber mats to give you complete flexibility and peace of mind.

If you need some expert guidance then we have dedicated Account Managers who will be happy to advise you and help you decide what is best for your business.

Why Purchase Instead of Rent?

Some good reasons to purchase bog mats outright are:

Durable and Long Lasting

Bog mats piled up for purchaseBoth our European hardwood timber mats and tropical hardwood timber mats are extremely durable and hardwearing and so will last a long time. The European hardwood bog mats are reusable and so can be relied upon for years to come if used correctly while our tropical hardwood bog mats are even tougher and can last for up to two decades. If you are likely to use bog mats on a regular basis then purchasing them outright can be a sound investment.

Versatile Use

Our bog mats are suitable for multiple applications. There is such a range of applications that can benefit from the use of bogmats that they can prove themselves useful in a variety of different ways. Industries that benefit from the use of bog mats include

  • construction
  • civil engineering
  • utilities sector
  • nuclear and power
  • plants
  • solar and wind farms
  • outdoor events and festivals
  • temporary road access
  • bridging
  • tracks
  • ground protection mats
  • piling
  • marine
  • jetty applications
  • to create a stable base for cranes (crane mats)

So you can see that our bog mats have a wide range of uses. Not only that though. We are confident that you will get great value for money when you purchase from us.

You can also hire bog mats from us – see our Hire Bog Mats page for more details or call us and ask our sales team for prices.

Quality Bogmats for Sale

At Birketts you can purchase either European European hardwood or tropical hardwood, offering excellent durability as well as being environmentally friendly. Our focus is on providing you with the best quality mats available at a value-for-money price.


Birkett’s standard bog and timber mat stock sizes are suitable for most projects (find out more about which size bog mat to choose).

Our standard timber mat sizes are as follows:

5m x 1m x 70mm

5m x 1m x 100mm

5m x 1m x 140mm

5m x 1m x 200mm

Other sizes are also available to order by request.

Our experience in the market ensures we are ideally placed to offer expert advice and workable solutions that will best suit your needs.

Our Famous Customer Service

Laying bog mats is easyWhen you buy bog mats from Birketts, the quality of customer service is just as high as that of our products. From when you place your order through to delivery, we are committed to giving you the best customer service experience.

Our strength in project managing the haulage and logistical process makes the whole procedure as easy and hassle free as possible for you, with delivery of your bog mats always on time and exactly where you want it.

With our professionalism and unswerving commitment to our customers’ projects, you can be confident that Birkett is the top choice when it comes to purchasing bog mats.

If you are looking to purchase bog mats, Birketts is here to help.

As leading suppliers of quality european hardwood bogmats throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe, you can be confident that you will not only be getting a strong and durable bog mat, but also the best value for money and outstanding customer service.

Second Hand Bog Mats for Sale

We hold in stock a number of good quality second hand crane mats and timber mats, priced competitively and in a range of different sizes. If you are seeking to purchase bog mats second hand then please just ask. Our available range changes frequently so please do speak to us and if we don’t have what you need right now, we can look out for them in the coming days/weeks, or whatever timescale works for your needs.

Second hand doesn’t mean second best, they are still of the highes quality and will perform to the necessary standards to enable heavy machinery and construction to traffic to move freely, creating stability and safety on site.

Birkett offers top quality bog mats, value for money, outstanding customer service and fast delivery across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Our logistics network ensures that when you purchase our bog mats, they are delivered to you as quickly as possible and we have years of experience of project managing the process. With Birkett you can be confident that when you buy bog mats you will get the best haulage rates and that they will always arrive on time and in the right place. We have a loyal customer base with good reason and you can trust that we will do everything we can to make you a happy customer too.

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