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Which Size Should I use?

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Which Size should I use?

Our standard bog mats are sized at 5m by 1m. Individual crane mats in standard sizes can be laid alongside one another to create larger surface areas, however choosing the correct thickness for the application is important. Birketts’ bog mats are available in several different thicknesses, the choice of which depends on the underlying soil as well as the intensity of usage.

To know which size of bog mats you should use, you need to consider the type of project they will be used for. For instance shorter length sizes are more suitable as pedestrian pathway mats, while bigger and thicker mats are more suitable for roadways, as they are able to withstand the weight of heavy vehicles travelling over them.

Birkett supplies both standard and specialist bog mat sizes as follows.

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Standard Bog Mat Sizes

Bog Mats sizesHere are some guidelines for selecting the correct mat for your project:

70mm thickness – This thickness is ideal for creating a temporary roadway on pipeline and construction sites. It is suitable for light construction equipment, such as excavators and dumpers weighing up to 25 tonnes.

100mm thickness – This is the most common size and is similarly useful for creating temporary roads on site in the energy, pipeline and construction sectors. It is suitable for trucks and machinery weighting up to 60 tonnes.

140mm thickness – This thickness is suitable for middle to heavyweight cranes, machinery and large trucks, and can handle weights greater than 60 tonnes. Bog mats in this size are also sometimes used as a sub-soil for pontoons or concrete floors as well as in civil projects.

200mm thickness – These thicker bog mats can be used for heavy cranes, construction equipment and caterpillar machinery that weighs in excess of 100 tonnes.
As well as withstanding very heavy loads, the thickest bog mats can also be more suitable for use on extremely unstable ground, for instance on sand or in tidal conditions.

Please note: The above is intended as a guide only as there are no accurate weight load test results..



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At Birketts we supply both European hardwood and tropical hardwood bog mats. Not only are these environmentally friendly, but they are also durable too meaning they are suitable for lots of different uses. We sell cost effective, high quality bog mats.

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