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Vital Infrastructure for Construction Sites

For the uninitiated, a construction site may look like a ragged mess of vehicles, materials, and half-built structures. But for anyone that’s been involved in the construction industry for some time, you’ll know that there are a lot of interwoven systems that make...

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Sustainable Timber Bog Mats

Bog mats are used in a number of different scenarios, but by using sustainable timber, Birkett’s ensure that their bog mats are kind to the environment in more ways than you may think. Obviously the main reason for using bog mats on your construction site is to...

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How to Plan for Access Mats on a Construction Site

For any developer, protecting the environment and reducing any negative impact on the surrounding area is of the upmost importance. For any construction site there is always a balance between preserving our countryside and building work. One of the ways to protect the...

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Why Use Hardwood Crane Mats

Our crane mats are robust and strong and made to last. Our 3m x 1m versions in either 100mm or 150mm thickness are an ideal solution for creating stable bases quickly and easily for crane operations on all kinds of construction sites and environments. Whilst these are...

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What is the new HS2 Railway?

The Hs2 is new fast railway network. It links the north of the country with London and is a much needed improvement in current transportation in the UK. This high speed railway runs through Scotland, the North of England and the Midlands, joining up with London. It is...

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How do I get into Construction?

Careers in construction are wide ranging and involve much more than the trades that might first come to mind. They include areas such as architecture, planning, project management and of course the actual building side. There’s nothing like the sense of achievement...

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What are Timber Mats?

When you are organising and arranging any construction project, you need to make sure you have all the right equipment for the job, or else you can’t know that you are really going to complete the project in the way you would hope. One important piece of equipment...

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The Top Reasons for Using Timber Bog Mats in Construction

When it comes to some construction sites, there can be some sites that have problems with the terrain that you are working on. If you want to eliminate the issues, then a good option for you is timber bog mats. Not only do they help to provide a stable terrain for the...

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Using Bog Mats or Crane Mats for Working Platforms

Bog mats and crane mats are different names for the same thing. In relation to working platforms, these are vital to ensure stability for construction plant during any work that is taking place. It helps to avoid accidents or overturning of equipment which can happen...

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Construction Facts from Around the UK

Construction has been around as long as we have, with some of the earliest communities in history building shelter for themselves to live and work in. From The Pyramids to the Berg Khalif, construction has for a long time been something we used to show power and...

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History of House Building in the UK

The London property market is one of the largest and most powerful in Europe. It is normal to be a little curious about what led it to become what it is today. The history of house building in the UK is extremely dynamic and, at times, complicated. As it generally...

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Stable Surfaces for Construction Sites with Bog Mats

If your construction site is in an area that gets very muddy and churned up from the movement of construction vehicles, bog mats could be just what you need. They provide a stable surface on all kinds of terrains, from sand to mud and everything in between. But more...

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