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Using Bog Mats or Crane Mats for Working Platforms

Bog mats and crane mats are different names for the same thing. In relation to working platforms, these are vital to ensure stability for construction plant during any work that is taking place. It helps to avoid accidents or overturning of equipment which can happen...

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Construction Facts from Around the UK

Construction has been around as long as we have, with some of the earliest communities in history building shelter for themselves to live and work in. From The Pyramids to the Berg Khalif, construction has for a long time been something we used to show power and...

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History of House Building in the UK

With the London property market being one of the largest and most powerful in Europe, it is normal to be a little curious about what led it to become what it is today. The history of house building in the UK is extremely dynamic and, at times, complicated. As it...

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Stable Surfaces for Construction Sites with Bog Mats

If your construction site is in an area that gets very muddy and churned up from the movement of construction vehicles, bog mats could be just what you need. They provide a stable surface on all kinds of terrains, from sand to mud and everything in between. But more...

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Wildlife considerations on construction sites

The construction industry is considered to be among the most resource-hungry and environmentally-detrimental sectors globally. It might seem strange for us to be writing about such a subject, but Birketts Bogmat’s takes it’s responsibility seriously which is how the...

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How is Sustainable Timber Produced?

Once upon a time, people could just buy any wood regardless of where it came from. However, as we try to save the planet, it is essential that we preserve the woodlands, trees, and forests, which are necessary for our own survival. Therefore, today you can’t just buy...

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Birketts Bog Mats Commitment to the Environment

Sustainable bog mats are absolutely essential on any construction site where there is a risk of damaging the environment. Although they are a very simple piece of equipment, bog mats are incredibly effective at protecting landscapes from damage caused by construction...

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Features and benefits of bog and crane mats

Many companies in the construction and building sector rely on bog and crane mats - special platforms designed to spread the weight of heavy plant and machinery so that it doesn't sink into the ground. In this post, we're going to take a look at some of the features...

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When and where you would use Bog mats?

Are you looking to use bog mats within your project, or wondering if they’re something you need to invest in as a business? Read on to find out more about bog mats. What are bog mats? Bog mats are a ground protection solution with a wide variety of uses. They come in...

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Whereabouts do we deliver our Bog Mats and how quickly?

Reliable delivery is essential when you buy any product, but it's even more important when the timeline of your project relies on your order arriving on time. At Birketts Bog Mats, we know that you want to receive your order in a timely manner so that you can start...

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