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Features and benefits of bog and crane mats

Many companies in the construction and building sector rely on bog and crane mats - special platforms designed to spread the weight of heavy plant and machinery so that it doesn't sink into the ground. In this post, we're going to take a look at some of the features...

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When and where you would use Bog mats?

Are you looking to use bog mats within your project, or wondering if they’re something you need to invest in as a business? Read on to find out more about bog mats. What are bog mats? Bog mats are a ground protection solution with a wide variety of uses. They come in...

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Whereabouts do we deliver our Bog Mats and how quickly?

Reliable delivery is essential when you buy any product, but it's even more important when the timeline of your project relies on your order arriving on time. At Birketts Bog Mats, we know that you want to receive your order in a timely manner so that you can start...

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Why use Ground Protection Mats?

Ground protection mats are useful for a range of different applications. Also known as bog mats, crane mats, timber mats or Ekki mats, just some of the uses for Birkett’s ground protection mats are: Access Roads Temporary Compounds Crane Support & Access Pads...

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Would hiring a bog mat be more beneficial?

If you’re on the lookout for bog mats for a new project, you might be thinking about buying, but is that the best option for you? What if you were to explore the possibility of hiring? Whether you’re on the hunt for crane mats to support heavy machinery, or you need...

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How bog mats can help with your piling requirements!

Piling is one of the more complex construction challenges, but can be deemed the most appropriate solution in a range of industrial, commercial, and residential projects. The use of the heavy-duty stakes can support the superstructure in a far more effective fashion....

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Why would you need to hire a crane mat?

Crane mats are a key product for ground stabilisation before and during any project that requires cranes and other heavy machinery. The crane mats can be used with traditional cranes or specialised equipment like oil rig cranes. Meanwhile, they can be made of timber,...

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What are Bog Mats made of?

Bog mats, otherwise referred to as “timber mats” and “crane mats” are mats that are laid down to create long-term temporary access roads in areas where construction is taking place. They are an innovative ground protection solution that ensure vehicles, equipment, and...

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Using Bog Mats for Temporary Building Support

If you’re starting a new temporary building or are working in an area that you know will be busy and messy, then it’s important to first set the foundation and make use of what’s known as a bog mat. Although the name might sound a bit strange, bog mats are actually a...

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Why Use Timber Bogs Mats on Your Construction Site

If you and your company desire to solve terrain problems on construction sites, a good choice is definitely bog mats. They will provide a stable surface for moving trucks and protect the terrain all at once. What are bog mats and why use timber ones on your...

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Birketts Bogmats Great Service and Prices

We've had a fabulous Summer and Autumn appears to have arrived quickly; how the seasons change! At Birketts Bogmats you can be assured we offer our best prices for both Hire and Purchase ALL YEAR Round on crane mats, bogmats, timber access mats, navvi mats, ekki matts...

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