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HS2 Temporary Access Solutions

HS2 Temporary Access Solutions

Our 40+ years’ experience and trusted reputation in the UK and European markets makes Birketts bog mats a leading supplier and your 1st choice provider of Hardwood Timber Access Mats.

Bog Mats & Timber Access Solutions
for UK, Irish & Global Projects

Over 40 years’ experience underpins Birkett Bogmats’ trusted reputation in the UK and global markets. As a major supplier of timber access mats, or bog and crane mats, as they are also known, we are a British business, exporting all around the world.

We focus on providing clients with the best quality bog mats available, but at a value-for-money price so you get the best products at the best prices. With this formula being underpinned by Birkett Bogmats’ unswerving commitment to customer service, it is no surprise that the company has become one of the UK’s and Europe’s leading bog mat and crane mat suppliers.

Our tough hardwood mats, weighing between 300 and 1200 kg (depending on the size), has proved itself time and again and is a massive asset at construction sites, civil engineering works and pipeline projects. These, along with solar farms, energy plants and bridging works, are its day-to-day environments, but our bog mats and crane mats have also been used for projects as prestigious as the London Olympics stadium and equestrian venues around the country.

Whether the rationale for use is to support cranes & heavy plant on soft ground, provide an even surface, protect the environment, or provide a jetty or temporary access across water, our reliable timber bog mats and crane mats excel. No longer do you need to worry about vehicles getting stuck or providing a stable platform for temporary buildings on site. You can create ease of movement around the area with the knowledge that you are doing your part to protect the ground underneath at the same time.

So why work with us? It’s not just about sourcing the best quality product at the best prices, we can offer so much more than that. With our strong focus on customer service & our ability to project manage the haulage and logistical process, to get our bog mats to your site, wherever you operate, it is little wonder we win multi-million-pound contracts and send our mats to locations as far-flung as New Caledonia and Ukraine. Well-known international companies are increasingly turning to us, and our fast and efficient distribution network enable us to offer both UK and global delivery.

Crane & Bog Mat supplier to:


  • Oil & Gas
  • Nuclear & Power
  • Utility Companies
  • Construction Industry
  • Civil Engineering
  • Solar & Wind Farms
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Events & Festivals
  • Corporate & Private Landowners

Leaders in supplying bog mats to:

  • Access Roads
  • Temporary Compounds
  • Crane Support & Access Pads
  • Working Platforms & Tracks
  • Road Extensions / Widening
  • Bridges & Crossings
  • General Land Protection
  • Piling, Marine & Jetties
  • River & Road Embankment / Stabilisation


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