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Access Roads Using Bog Mats

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Creating access roads can be an important part of construction projects as well as in other applications such as for events and festivals.

What are access roads?

At their most basic they can simply be a cleared area formed by removing surface vegetation to create a pathway to a construction site or other event or project. If however there is to be a reasonable amount of traffic or heavy construction vehicles or machinery using an access road then it is more likely to require the addition of some kind of covering such as gravelling or bog mats to protect the ground and to create a more stable surface.

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What are access roads used for?

Access roads provide temporary access into and around construction sites or other projects, or can provide permanent access for ongoing maintenance works. An access road should protect the ground, limiting the impact on the environment as well as creating a suitable and safe surface for construction traffic or other vehicles to access a site.

Often access roads are required across boggy, muddy or sandy ground conditions and so bog mats or similar are used to provide a more stable surface for vehicles and plant machinery to travel upon. They spread heavy loads to limit damage to the ground, protect underlying utility services and provide a durable and sturdy roadway for traversing difficult terrain.


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The Importance of Protecting Underlying Ground


Even just human footfall can very quickly turn wet grasslands into a muddy nightmare, as anyone who has been to a rainy music festival knows. Vehicles understandably have an even greater impact and heavy construction vehicles and machinery will have an even more significant effect. Without proper protection on underlying ground it could become impossible to access sites.

Particularly as the only passage to a construction site is often via areas which have difficult terrain or unstable ground conditions, the underlying ground becomes very susceptible to damage and erosion from heavy construction traffic. Providing a barrier over the underlying ground with bog mats helps to create a safer and cleaner working environment.

In addition to these practical considerations, there are environmental issues associated with protecting the underlying ground on access roads. Both the ground itself and any underground services are vulnerable to damage from ground churn and disintegration caused by heavy traffic. There is also a risk of ground contamination which can have a disastrous effect on the environment.

Protecting the underlying ground with bog mats guards against any consequences to the environment, as well as protecting turf and landscapes from unsightly damage. In addition to being environmentally responsible, this also minimises the risk of compensation claims or financial outlay for environmental reinstatement.

There is no doubt that providing safe and stable access roads to construction and other sites is one of the most important considerations when planning a project.

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