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There are many benefits to using hardwood crane mats for access and ground works as well as a myriad of other applications. Everything from our fast Europe Wide delivery, through to the durability of the products through to being environmentally friends.

New Crane MatsEasy to set up
Crane mats can be laid very quickly and easily using existing lifting machinery on site to lift and place the bogs mats in position. It is not necessary to join the mats together. Birkett’s bog mats are also easy to stack, transport and offload and can be used for both access and to provide a stable base on site, thereby reducing site costs.

Protects the underlying ground
Laying bog mats down protects the ground as well as underground services from damage, guarding against ground churn, disintegration and contamination. This limits the impact on the environment as well as reducing the risk of any compensation claims or costs for environmental reinstatement.

Environmentally friendly
As well as limiting impact to the environment by protecting the ground from damage and contamination, our hardwood timber mats are from sustainable sources, so you can be assured that they are environmentally friendly.

Provide safe access
Bog mats can provide plant, machinery and vehicles with safe access to sites that might otherwise be difficult, dangerous or even impossible to get to. Regardless of how soft the ground is, how waterlogged or muddy the conditions are and in any weather, crane mats provide a stable roadway to access a site. Even difficult terrain like sand and silt can be easily traversed using bog mats.

Provide a solid base
Once on site, heavy plant and machinery needs a solid and stable base to work from and crane mats are able to provide this in even the most difficult ground conditions. Crane mats turn almost any surface into a safe surface thereby providing an ideal platform for the heaviest of cranes and construction plant, even in marshy, slippery or sandy conditions. The thicker crane mats can take heavy weight load capacities up to 250 tonnes.

Durable and long lasting
Both our European Hardwood timber mats and Tropical Hardwood timber mats are very durable and hardwearing. European Hardwood bog mats are reusable and will last for years if used correctly while Tropical Hardwood crane mats are even more durable and can last for up to two decades.

Suitable for multiple applications
There are so many different applications that can benefit from the use of crane mats. Industries that regularly use bog mats include the utilities sector, construction, civil engineering, nuclear/power plants, solar/wind farms and even events and festival organisers.

They can be used to create temporary access routes, emergency access or compounds, for bridging work, to provide crane support and access pads, for general land protection and in piling, marine and jetty applications to name just a few.

Available in a range of sizes and timber species
Crane mats can be found in a wide variety of sizes and made from different timber species to suit different projects. There are so many benefits to using crane mats in so many different applications, and with the range of choice available there will be a crane mat that is perfectly suited to your own project.

We have provided guidance on choosing the right size bog mat or deciding which timber mat species is best, however if you would like to discuss your own specific requirements and how our crane mats can benefit your project, then please do contact us and we will be more than happy to help.


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