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Crane mats can be used for working platforms for construction plant including piling rigs or mobile cranes, providing a stable base for plant to safely travel and operate on. They are used in relation to ground supported platforms both to protect the ground and as a solid and secure base for the plant.

Ground supported working platforms are vital for maintaining stability for construction plant during works. Uneven ground or ground with variable conditions can very easily lead to serious accidents or overturning of piling rigs, so providing a stable base is of paramount importance.

Even in areas where the ground seems stable, it can quickly become muddy, slippery and dangerous during inclement weather conditions. Using suitable working platforms helps ensure that construction works can be carried out in a safe and efficient manner regardless of conditions, protecting both workers and machinery from harm as well as reducing delays.

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Importance of Working Platforms


Crane mats as working platforms

Crane mats are ideal for use as large working platforms for fieldwork. They provide a solid and stable base to work from even on the most adverse ground conditions, making almost any surface into a safe platform for the heaviest of construction plant and machinery. The thicker crane mats are suitable for taking loads of up to 250 tonnes in weight.

Working platforms need to be durable, hardwearing and robust, and Birketts’ hardwood crane mats meet all of these requirements. Our tropical hardwood timber mats are manufactured using specially selected tropical hardwoods from Africa and South America, including Ekki, Dabema, Mora and Cumaru timber, chosen for their excellent durability and resistance to wear and tear as well as their interlocked grain and elasticity. Ekki mats in particular are renowned for their enduring strength in even the most difficult conditions. Tropical hardwood timber mats are also ideal for use in water, due to their high density which enables them to sink and remain at the bottom, thereby providing a solid working platform underwater.

As well as providing a stable base for cranes, piling rigs and excavators, our crane mats also provide protection to the ground underneath, guarding against environmental damage, ground churn and contamination from construction works. Ground protection mats can also help to protect any underground services from damage, which might otherwise lead to the expense of reinstatement or compensation claims.


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Birketts bog mats are long lasting, durable and great value for money.

At Birketts we supply both European hardwood and tropical hardwood bog mats. Not only are these environmentally friendly, but they are also durable too meaning they are suitable for lots of different uses. We sell cost effective, high quality bog mats.

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Setting Up Timber Mat Working Platforms


There are strict guidelines for setting up working platforms for piling rigs and excavators, to ensure the safety of workers and guard against any overturning or accidents. Birketts’ crane mats make it simple to build a solid platform for construction plant, and are easy to transport and set up using the existing machinery on site.

Reliable delivery

Birketts understands that getting working platforms and tracks set up on time for a project is as important as the quality of the ground protection mats themselves. We provide quick and reliable delivery of our crane mats to your site so you have the peace of mind that they will be there when you need them.

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