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Stable platforms are crucial for work involving cranes because they provide a safe and secure base for the equipment to operate from. Cranes are heavy and powerful machines that require a stable and level surface to operate effectively and safely. Without a stable platform, the crane can tip over, causing damage to the equipment and the surrounding environment. Additionally, an unstable base can increase the risk of accidents, which can result in injuries or fatalities.

When a crane is operating on an unstable or uneven surface, it can also affect the accuracy and precision of the work being done. This can lead to errors in measurements, misaligned loads, and other issues that can compromise the safety and integrity of the project.

Furthermore, a stable platform can help distribute the weight of the crane and its load evenly, reducing the pressure on the ground beneath it. This is especially important on construction sites where the ground may be weak or unstable due to excavation or heavy rainfall.

By using stable platforms like crane mats, operators can ensure that the crane is operating safely and efficiently. Crane mats provide a solid base that can withstand the weight and movement of the crane, providing a stable platform for the equipment to operate from. They can also be used to protect the ground and underlying utilities from damage caused by the weight of the crane.

Why Choose Our Crane Mats?

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Our crane mats are built to endure and possess immense strength to withstand rigorous use. The 100mm or 150mm thickness 3m x 1m versions are widely popular and serve as a practical solution for swiftly establishing stable bases for crane operations on various construction sites and environments. While these mats are frequently used, our 5m x 1m outrigger mats are also gaining momentum and serve as a suitable alternative, particularly for larger surface areas.

Our crane mats are delivered throughout Europe and feature two lifting points for easy installation, enabling uninterrupted and hassle-free site operation. In the UK, these mats can be delivered and laid within a day of ordering.

Our stable hardwood crane mats can be purchased or rented based on the needs and budget of our clients. We understand that rental is often more cost-effective for some companies, which is why we offer competitive pricing for both options.

Our durable, hardwood European crane mats serve as an excellent solution for temporary platforms and roads, offering a stable base for crane travel or work. We source our timber from sustainable sources to ensure we do not harm the environment.

Apart from outrigger platforms, our crane mats can be used for a variety of purposes, including wind farms, piling, temporary bridges, marine and lake projects, piling and jetties, construction and civil engineering projects, working platforms and tracks, protection for sites with hard surfaces and underground services, temporary roadways for transportation or plant movement, crossings, road extensions and widening, emergency temporary access routes, river and road embankments, embankment stabilization, private lanes and access roads, private general land protection, towpaths, supporting structures, and scenarios requiring pressure distribution.

Our crane mats not only exhibit strength and durability but are also incredibly versatile, making them a wise investment for many customers. You can find more information about our crane mats across our website or contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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