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Ekki is a native tropical timber popularly found across the West African countries such as Ghana and Nigeria. Ekki timber is usually dark red or violet-brown in colour and is very rigid and thick. Hence, it produces solid and durable wood, an essential characteristic in making ekki mats that are used worldwide. Another characteristic of ekki wood that makes it valuable is its availability, ensuring adequate supplies which match the demand. Ekki mats are heavy wooden mats made from ekki timber. They are also known as bog mats, crane mats, and pipeline mats. Civil and marine workers mostly use them since they need dense and durable wood.

Characteristics of Ekki Mats

  • They are solid and durable, meaning they last longer compared to other types of woods
  • They are weather resistant since they are made from native tropical timber. Therefore, the ekki mats would be most appropriate in wet and windy areas and near water bodies.
  • They are highly resistant to electric current. Therefore, you can use the ekki mats around electricity and electrical appliances without fear of damage or electrocution
  • They are not affected by acid or acidic wastes. Thus, you can use them in areas with acidic contamination or snow with altered ph. For example, one lowers the pH of the snow to lower the freezing point.

Use in Road and General Construction

Ekki mats are extremely solid and durable. This makes them suitable for staging areas and access paths. Moreover, Civil and marine engineers use them as road mats to protect the area they are building on or passing through from damage by trucks, lorries, bulldozers and other heavy machinery.

The civil engineers lay them on adverse landscapes covered with weak and uneven materials such as snow and mud to make them more solid and safer to use. In addition, they provide a firm, even surface for vehicles to manoeuvre on and prevent them from getting stuck or toppling over. Therefore, the ekki mats are essential in keeping the machinery safe and protecting the topography below the surface.

They provide a suitable surface for all vehicles using rubber tires since the beams that make the bog mat create a trail that allows the cars to navigate. Additionally, the ekki mats have a suitable width that supports the weight of heavy construction vehicles.

Since they are water resistant, civil engineers lay the ekki mats on construction sites to prevent waste objects from the ongoing construction from getting to the water bodies.

Also, they protect water from the water bodies from getting onto the construction site and interrupting the process.

In conclusion Ekki mats are used globally to make roads more stable, especially in adverse landscapes, such as snow or mud-covered areas. You can also reuse them time and time again on different projects.

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