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Whilst bogmats are traditionally used for pipelines; temporary timber trackways, crane outrigger platforms – here are 4 alternative uses for our hardwood timber mats

1. Concerts and Events – help provide a safe and easy parking space and also protect the ground should some stormy weather hit the party!

2. Camping – Can provide bases for ‘glamping structures’ – keeping damp ground at bay

3. Trade Stand Base – quick and easy to lay to create a sturdy platform at outdoor exhibitions and county agricultural shows

4. Resorts and Parks – a flooring surface at resorts and parks – for those people who don’t like to sit on grass to eat their picnics

As you can see timber bog mats are not limited to life on construction sites – you don’t need a water-logged area to put these crane mats into use!

We supply bog mats for:

  • Pipeline contracts – in oil, gas and Utility industry infrastructure projects
  • Wind Farms
  • Piling
  • Temporary bridges/crane outrigger mats
  • Marine and lake projects/piling/jetties
  • Construction and civil engineering contracts
  • Working platforms and tracks (for stability of cranes and other heavy plant)
  • On sites with hard surfaces and underground services requiring protection
  • Temporary roadways (for transport or plant)
  • Crossings
  • Road extensions and widening
  • Emergency temporary access routes
  • River and road embankments/embankment stabilisation
  • Private lanes and access roads
  • Private general land protection
  • Towpaths
  • Supporting structures
  • Scenarios in which pressure needs to be distributed

Our mats can be purchased or hired and we deliver throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.

For all your Bogmat requirements – Purchase or Hire

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