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A dynamic supplier to the energy, construction and civil engineering sectors is playing its part in a domino-effect scenario that is knocking down barriers to environmental protection.

Committed access mat supplier, Birkett Bogmats, is increasingly becoming part of the mix at solar farms, where green energy is generated and fed back into the National Grid. By supplying timber hardwood mats that protect the land on which solar farms are erected, Birkett minimises the footprint of construction projects that, in turn, reduce the UK’s carbon footprint.

Solar farms, which utilise photovoltaic technology, are now emerging as a viable energy-generating option on land comprising 20-100 acres. They create little or no noise and are low-maintenance. However, the construction phase is intense, involving civil engineering, foundation installation and electrical engineering. Sites are then typically fenced for screening purposes.

The installation stage requires easy access to the land that will bear the solar panels and protection of the local ecology is key. Damage over both the site and the routes on to the land designated for the solar panels must be minimised.

By utilising Birkett bog mats, the solar farm operator can ensure diggers, forklifts and other contractor vehicles and plant can operate on safe, level surfaces that will bear a substantial load thanks to their durability.

Furthermore, they can prevent land churn and damage to the land and its ecology. This is essential if crossing another landowner’s property and advisable if the project wishes to showcase its green credentials by minimising impacts on drainage routes, hedgerows and wildlife.

Birkett Bogmats’ managing director, Juanita Watts, says: “Our projections for the percentage of our business generated by solar farms have increased significantly this year, on the basis of the orders we have already received in 2015. Our best-rate pricing policies, plus a choice of hire or purchase options for access mats, are proving attractive to solar farm projects.

“Being able to offer one UK-wide rate on our mats and having depots in different parts of the UK, which can deliver orders swiftly, are also making us the go-to access mat supplier for solar farm projects.”

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