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Britain’s most dedicated timber ground mat specialist Birkett Bogmats, is once again creating record sales in the year of 2016.

New contracts have seen Birkett Bogmats supplying high profile construction and civil engineering projects in Greece and Albania with their timber bog mats. These have been won through a combination of keen pricing and superior project management, with Birketts’ reputation for first-class service being a huge differentiator in the global market.

The West Cumbrian business has also benefited from an extremely buoyant trade on home soil. Demand has been high from British construction and engineering projects, whilst Birkett Bogmats has also been moving in high circles, supplying mats for access routes into some of society’s top events.

Its success in the UK has been attributed to its attractive rates on bog mat purchase, coupled with the huge popularity of the bog mat hire options it introduced in 2015. Operating one flat price for the hire of mats, no matter what the UK location, has ticked contractors’ boxes and seen the Rowrah-based company and ground mat specialist taking a much higher slice of the market.

Although Birketts already held probably the highest inventory of any timber bog mat supplier in the UK, to ensure swift and timely dispatch to customers’ sites, the continued boom in business has led to it increasing stock levels even further. This ensures all clients, whether in the UK or overseas, can have their bog mat orders turned around swiftly – a crucial factor when the need for a firm and stable access route is often overlooked until the last minute, when on-site ground conditions are established.

Birkett Bogmats’ managing director, Juanita Watts, says: “We are now, without a doubt, the go-to supplier for bog mats, regardless of whether a project is abroad, or here in Britain. Our dedication to specialising in every aspect of bog mat supply, from manufacture to the logistics of delivery, and from the washing of returned mats after hire, to the deployment of stock to strategically located bases around the country, has brought rich rewards. We have earned the trust of our customers and acquired a reputation in the industry that is unrivalled in our sector. Referrals are constantly received and this is the biggest endorsement of our superior service.”

With more contracts yet to be announced and a new buoyancy in the UK construction sector, Birketts may well be laying a track back from Harare very soon

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