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Case Study – Galion Using Build Mat Pro Construction Mats

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Somerset Home Builder Full of Praise for Unique New 85mm-thick Ground Mat


When luxury homebuilder, Galion, required a haul road solution at its new LakeView development in Keinton Mandeville, Somerset, it not only found a more suitable option than that it has used before but also supported its aim of reducing environmental impacts.

The home developer’s 27-home site, just a stone’s throw from the medieval village centre of Keinton Mandeville, was experiencing waterlogging and water retention in soils that could have easily been churned up by site traffic or caused wheels to sink into the soggy land.

Typically, Galion Homes’ methodology in such situations has been to remove the topsoil and lay imported stone, creating a surface to support site traffic. This time, however, the company turned to British family firm, Birketts Bogmats, trusting the ground mat specialist’s 40-year experience and choosing to form the haul road of Birketts’s brand new and unique 5m x 1m x 85mm European access mat, the Build Mat Pro, which was laid as a trackway.

The new Build Mat Pro construction mat is a solution to a regular dilemma faced by contractors and building firms – that of not knowing whether a 70mm-thick or a 100mm-thick ground mat is right for their project. It has been specifically produced with the needs of homebuilders in mind but could be just as useful in any other scenario in which the vehicles traversing the mats are not particularly heavy and where traffic is not continuous.

The bogmat haul road has been perfect for Galions’ requirement, being robust, cost-effective and well capable of handling vehicles such as telehandlers and concrete mixers, plus delivery vehicles. It has proved a strong support for vehicles and a tried and tested way of enhancing site safety, by increasing vehicle stability.

The Build Mat Pro Reduces the Environmental Impact

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Additionally, it has supported Galions’ ongoing principle of working with the landscape, rather than against it. Each bespoke luxury home at LakeView is built in local Blue Lias stone and complements the environment. A wildlife meadow and orchard are to be created and the site is being designed with a low carbon footprint and the needs of local wildlife in mind.

By using bog mats for the access road, there has been minimal impact on the ground’s substrata and no stone will need to be removed and sent to waste at project’s end. The lightweight, maintenance-free bogmat solution will allow the haul road to be simply lifted up, after use and, by using such an impact-light solution, some habitats will also have been saved.

Galions’ Tim Barnes, says: “We like to do things innovatively and in sustainable and lower-impact ways and Birketts Bogmats’ ground mats allowed us to rethink how we usually handle haulage road creation.

“Without these keenly priced mats from the ground mat market leader, we would have struggled to form a haul road without incurring ongoing refurbishment costs and would have always had the potential for the road to fail, as a possible on-site issue. By using Birketts’ ground mats, we have created a robust, yet easy-to-remove, haul road.”

Birkett Bogmats’ managing director, Juanita Watts, says: “We are delighted that our unique new 85mm bogmats have won the approval of Galion. We know Galion likes to “embrace the unique” and that is what the company has done by using our new product. The mat is a true industry first and intended to make homebuilders’ lives simpler. Thanks to Galions’ feedback, we can confidently say it has been mission accomplished.

“We hope to supply our new and unique mats to many more home developers, backing our product’s credentials with the superb and personal customer service on which we have built our reputation. We are also offering developers the benefit of a constant supply of mats, due to our considerable volume of stock held, across our product range, at depots UK-wide, which is available on a sale or hire basis.”


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