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It can be challenging to decide what bog mats to use, and while you are deciding on the size, you need to think about what project they will be used for. The more extended and more narrow sizes are suitable for pedestrian pathways, whereas the more prominent and thicker mats are great for roadways as they can carry the weight of vehicles. At Birketts Bog Mats, we supply a range of specialist and standard bog mats, and our sizes vary depending on your needs!

Standard Bog Mats

At Birketts, our standard bog mats vary in thickness and size, and the right depth is essential for your project. The size that you choose has to match your needs, and the range of sizes includes:

  • 70mm – ideal for roadways and construction sites
  • 100mm – excellent for creating temporary roads on-site in the construction and energy sectors
  • 140mm – suitable for cranes at a middle to heavyweight, sometimes used for concrete floors in civil projects
  • 200/300mm – thicker bog mats are perfect for heavier loads and excellent for unstable grounds like sand

Of course, all of these mat thicknesses are a guideline, and so it’s up to you which size you choose for your project.

Specialist Bog Mats

Our team can help you to identify whether you need a standard bog mat with us, or whether a specialist bog mat can do the job. Standard sizes may not be right for you, but we do have a range of specialist sizes that are available for your specific needs. We are a leading manufacturer of bog mats, and we are no stranger to the specialist requests out there. We are more than happy to help you with pricing, availability, and the requirements for your project so that you get exactly what you need. Some of our specialist range include:

  • 3m x 1m x 70mm
  • 3m x 1m x 100mm
  • 3m x 1m x 150mm

Bog and crane mats can be made to suit your project, so if you want to discuss which bog mats will suit your project, let our specialist team advise you.

Why Choose Us

Choosing Birketts for your bog mat and crane mat needs is a smart decision. We have over 40 years of experience, and our reputation is the most trusted in the UK. As a British business, we export around the world from our West Cumbria base. We’ve been in business for a long time, and we’ve become well-known as a family firm with honest values.

Our bog mats weigh between 300-1200kg, and they have been proven time and again to be an asset on construction sites. Our bog mats have been used in a range of events, but most notably at the London Olympics stadium and equestrian venues.

Give our team a call today, and we’ll give you the help you need to choose which bog mat you need for your event.

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