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Which Size Mat Should I Use?

When deciding on which size of hardwood timber bogmats to use, here are a few guidelines:

70mm – Ideal for creating a temporary roadway on pipeline and construction sites. Suitable forlight construction equipment i.e excavators and dumpers

100mm – the most common size again used to create platforms and roadways

150mm – Ideal for the middle to heavyweight cranes, machinery and large trucks usually weighing 80 tonne. THis mat is often used as a sub-soil for pontoons or concrete floors, or in civil projects

200mm – For heavy cranes, construction equipment and caterpillar machinery with weight in excess of 100 tonnes

Please note that the above is intended as a guideline only as there are no accurate weight load test results. The correct mat choice remains the responsibility of the end user.


We supply bog mats for:

  • Pipeline contracts – in oil, gas and Utility industry infrastructure projects
  • Wind Farms
  • Piling
  • Temporary bridges/crane outrigger mats
  • Marine and lake projects/piling/jetties
  • Construction and civil engineering contracts
  • Working platforms and tracks (for stability of cranes and other heavy plant)
  • On sites with hard surfaces and underground services requiring protection
  • Temporary roadways (for transport or plant)
  • Crossings
  • Road extensions and widening
  • Emergency temporary access routes
  • River and road embankments/embankment stabilisation
  • Private lanes and access roads
  • Private general land protection
  • Towpaths
  • Supporting structures
  • Scenarios in which pressure needs to be distributed

Our mats can be purchased or hired and we deliver throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.

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