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sustainable timber for bog mats

Bog mats are used in a number of different scenarios, but by using sustainable timber, Birkett’s ensure that their bog mats are kind to the environment in more ways than you may think.

Obviously the main reason for using bog mats on your construction site is to provide access solutions for vehicles and machinery, but they are also essential for protecting the environment too. They are simple and effective at ensuring work does not harm the earth beneath them as well as providing safe and stable access.

When looking to purchase or hire bog mats, it’s important to make sure that your supplier provides sustainable timber. This means that it is harvested in an environmentally sensitive way which reduces your impact on our earth.

Sourcing Sustainable Timber

Not all bog mats are made from sustainable timber.
Sustainable timber is environmentally friendly because it is harvested from forests that are carefully managed, this means replanting programmes are in place and there are incredibly strict rules about how the timber is harvested. Every step of the way is thought out to reduce any negative impact.

Replanting programmes means that wherever a tree is felled another is planted in its place. Forests are continually replenished in this way. These forests are also on sites where the rights of indigenous people are upheld, and the companies involved contribute to the local community.

When you purchase sustainable bog mats, you can always ask the supplier if they have been certified by the approved forestry certification (PEFC), this way you know that they really are using sustainable timber.

Using Bog Mats on Construction Sites

Any type of construction work has a bad reputation when it comes to the environment, heavy machinery and vehicles working on soft ground can cause a large amount of damage. This damage once created can take a long time to fully recover. That’s why any construction project needs to fully assess the environmental impact and what can be put in place to reduce it.

Using sustainable timber bog mats is one of the ways that construction site can better serve the local community and reduce the negative impact of work completed. Protecting the ground underneath greatly reduces any damage caused.

At Birketts Bog Mats we work hard to make sure that all of our timber is sustainable and that we work with our clients to provide suitable access solutions and working platforms to a number of industries.

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