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For any developer, protecting the environment and reducing any negative impact on the surrounding area is of the upmost importance. For any construction site there is always a balance between preserving our countryside and building work. One of the ways to protect the ground is by using access mats.

Access mats allow heavy machinery and equipment to move easily on, off and around the construction site. The temporary creation of roadways and hard standings on site allow workers to get on with the job without worrying about churning up ground, leaving tread marks or struggling to move materials around on boggy ground.

Whilst giving many benefits to the developer, access mats also help to protect the ground underneath, disruption the earth as little as possible.

Planning for the use of Access Mats

To get the best use out of your access mats, it’s always best to start with the site plan and work out the following:

  • Where the mats will be laid to provide the easiest access for vehicles. An efficient flow around the site will mean you don’t order more than you need. You may need to include passing areas or ensure the width is enough for vehicles to pass.
  • When planning where they will go, take into account the wetter or boggier areas on site and any locations where you may wish to park machinery, store materials or have temporary buildings. Access mats can be used in a variety of ways.
  • Calculate what size mat you need. Access mats are available in a range of sizes and some are made with construction sites in mind. You can find out more about the sizes available here.
  • Once you know the size you can work out the quantity required. It is always worth ordering slightly over to account for any miscalculations.
  • Ensure that the mats are suitable for the weight and type of vehicles that will be using them. If you are unsure, then a quick chat with the supplier should be able to clarify that for you.

Where to Order Access Mats

Birketts Bogmats are the UK’s leading supplier of access mats and can supply across the whole of Europe. With distribution centres strategically placed and fast delivery they are the go to choice for ordering access mats.

Why Birketts?

Not only do Birketts have years of experience in the industry, but they also offer access mats for sale or on a rental basis if purchase is not needed. This offers flexibility to property developers.

With value for money options, you will get the very best advice about the best access mats to use on your construction site, in fact they have a range specifically for this purpose. Whether it’s a housing development, office blog or retail park being built, Birketts can offer a cost-effective solution with fast and hassle-free delivery across the UK and Europe.

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