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Crane mats are a key product for ground stabilisation before and during any project that requires cranes and other heavy machinery.

The crane mats can be used with traditional cranes or specialised equipment like oil rig cranes. Meanwhile, they can be made of timber, steel, and a range of other materials that are built to withstand the intense pressure and weight of working on a construction site.

Frankly, you should not even consider working on a site with cranes before installing a stable foundation for the machines to ride over.

Why hire a crane mat rather than buy one?

When ordering your crane mat, deciding whether to purchase or rent the product is one of the most important decisions of all. Here are six of the best reasons why you may wish to consider hiring the crane mat instead of buying it.

Greater Safety
Keeping the site safe is the main function of the crane mat in the first place. When hiring a crane mat, you can be sure that the product has been tested before being delivered to your site. When you own the crane mat yourself, it’s very easy to overlook damage or faults that may have surfaced.

Save Money
Renting a crane mat is naturally cheaper than buying one. Whether you’re a new business looking to protect its cash flow or simply need the crane mat for a one-off project, hiring is almost certainly a better option than buying. After all, every decision should be made with financial outcomes in mind.

Greater Flexibility
Perhaps you already have a range of crane mats to handle most projects but need something different for a specific contract. Hiring a crane mat gives you access to an array of different materials and sizes, ensuring you have the perfect item for the individual job.

Temporary Increase In Facilities
When taking on a bigger project or multiple projects at once, your company may have greater needs than usual. Renting a crane mat gives you the opportunity to satisfy those needs without paying out a fortune for an item you won’t need again while also avoiding potential production delays.

Avoid Storage
Crane mats aren’t exactly the biggest items that you’ll have on a site. Nonetheless, it’s another asset that you need to worry about. If you’re not going to need it on a regular basis, renting it saves the need to store it. You’ll also avoid the need to transport the crane mat from site to site.

Try Before You Buy
Sometimes in business, gaining peace of mind is the most significant factor of all. Opting to hire a crane mat instead of buying one allows you to test whether it’s the best option for your needs. If it is, you can buy the same item at a later date. If not, you’ve saved yourself from huge waste.

Hire a premium quality crane mat with confidence

If you need to hire a crane mat for your upcoming project, give us a call or email [email protected] today.

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