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Construction is one of the few industries that is still largely male-dominated. However, women have been breaking down barriers and making their presence known in the field, and the impact they are having is undeniable. Women bring a unique set of skills, perspectives, and experiences to the table, and their contributions are helping to drive change and progress in the construction industry.

One of the biggest ways that women are making a difference in construction is through their leadership roles. Women are increasingly taking on senior management positions, where they are able to shape the direction of companies and advocate for diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. This has led to a more balanced representation of perspectives and a wider range of ideas being taken into consideration, which has helped to improve the industry as a whole.

Gender Stereotypes in Construction

Another area where women are making an impact is in breaking down gender stereotypes and challenging traditional notions about who can work in construction. By proving that women are just as capable as men in physically demanding trades, they are helping to shift cultural attitudes and open up new opportunities for other women. This has also led to a more diverse workforce, which has been shown to lead to increased innovation and creativity, and improved outcomes for companies.

As well as breaking down barriers and challenging stereotypes, women are also helping to bring new technologies and approaches to construction. With the industry changing rapidly and new technologies emerging all the time, women’s fresh perspectives and innovative ideas are helping to keep the industry moving forward. Whether it’s through new building materials, digital tools, or sustainability practices, women are helping to shape the future of construction in exciting and impactful ways.

Contributions to the Industry

bogmats temp compound in construction

At the end of the day, the contributions of women in construction are having a profound impact on the industry and on the world at large. By breaking down barriers and challenging traditional ideas, women are helping to make the construction industry more diverse, inclusive, and innovative. The power of diversity is truly changing the game in construction, and the industry will continue to benefit from the contributions of women for years to come.

Our very own founder Juanita Watts is a testament to the progress women have made in what was traditionally a male dominated environment. Identifying a gap in the market in 1993 she steered the business towards supplying bog mats across the UK. After landing several big clients she has given Birkett’s it’s leading place as a preferred supplier of high quality bog mats.

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