Birketts Bog Mats

used timbermat mats for sale birketts


We generally have large stocks of good used mats for SALE both A grade and B grade

Birketts Used A grade mats are good used quality – they have minimal wear; all timbers are intact; no missing or broken bolts  – showing no sign of damage or any wear and tear

Birketts Used B grade mats have more wear and tear than the A grades but are still usable and intact – ends of mats may be worn; rods may be bent but still have integrity – VERY Popular with demolition companies

We have a fast turnover on our used mats as they offer exceptional value

CALL TODAY For Best Prices and Availabilty +44(0)1946 863021

We supply bog mats for:

  • Pipeline contracts – in oil, gas and Utility industry infrastructure projects
  • Wind Farms
  • Piling
  • Temporary bridges/crane outrigger mats
  • Marine and lake projects/piling/jetties
  • Construction and civil engineering contracts
  • Working platforms and tracks (for stability of cranes and other heavy plant)
  • On sites with hard surfaces and underground services requiring protection
  • Temporary roadways (for transport or plant)
  • Crossings
  • Road extensions and widening
  • Emergency temporary access routes
  • River and road embankments/embankment stabilisation
  • Private lanes and access roads
  • Private general land protection
  • Towpaths
  • Supporting structures
  • Scenarios in which pressure needs to be distributed

Our mats can be purchased or hired and we deliver throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.

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