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A very popular use for our hardwood timber/Ekki bogmats is as a temporary roadway on pipelines, solar farms and construction sites. These temporary road timber access mats are fast and easy to lay and create a stable base for movement of plant and machinery across kilometres of land. They are perfect for protecting the ground and whilst our 100mm mats are the most popular for this application, we have other sizes to cater for differing ground conditions. Many of our clients carry out temporary works designs to assertion which thickness of mat would best suit their requirements; considering ground condition and loading to ascertain which size

We have large volumes of stock ready for immediate dispatch to create km’s of temporary road ways for your project – Purchase or Hire

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We supply bog mats for:

  • Pipeline contracts – in oil, gas and Utility industry infrastructure projects
  • Wind Farms
  • Piling
  • Temporary bridges/crane outrigger mats
  • Marine and lake projects/piling/jetties
  • Construction and civil engineering contracts
  • Working platforms and tracks (for stability of cranes and other heavy plant)
  • On sites with hard surfaces and underground services requiring protection
  • Temporary roadways (for transport or plant)
  • Crossings
  • Road extensions and widening
  • Emergency temporary access routes
  • River and road embankments/embankment stabilisation
  • Private lanes and access roads
  • Private general land protection
  • Towpaths
  • Supporting structures
  • Scenarios in which pressure needs to be distributed

Our mats can be purchased or hired and we deliver throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.

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