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Many companies in the construction and building sector rely on bog and crane mats – special platforms designed to spread the weight of heavy plant and machinery so that it doesn’t sink into the ground.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the features and benefits of bog and crane mats so that you can decide whether you need them for your operations.

Improves Site Safety

One of the most significant benefits of bog and crane mats is that they improve site safety. Driving or transporting heavy machinery over loose or unsupportive ground is a potential hazard. People can quickly sink, slip or fall over. Bog and crane mats provide a stable solid surface, improving the working environment.

Protects the Structure of the Underlying Ground

If you’ve worked on a building site for any length of time, you’ll have noticed that heavy plant and equipment tends to damage the surrounding landscape, forcing construction companies to clean up once they complete the main construction project. It’s expensive and challenging work.

Bog and crane mats, however, protect against damage to the surrounding landscape. These mats, as we discussed in the introduction, distribute the weight over plant and equipment over a larger area, preventing any damage to the ground or structures below. Construction companies love them because they reduce churn and limit their impact on the environment, improving the reputation of the company.

Provides A Solid Base for Construction Work

Trying to construct a building on a shifting surface can derail a project and reduce the quality of the final product. The reason is obvious: you can’t deploy your equipment accurately if you do not have a reliable, stable base.

Again, bog and crane mats can help. They provide all of the support that you need for your cranes, allowing them to perform within expected tolerances.

Use for A Wide Variety of Applications

The applications of bog and crane mats are potentially endless. Practically all industrial sectors use them, from civil engineering to the utilities and nuclear power sectors. Their versatility is one of the reasons for their popularity since they protect the land and help ensure quality.


Plastic has fallen out of favour with both politicians, the public and many companies. Most businesses now want to find more sustainable alternatives.

Fortunately, today, you can get environmentally-friendly bog and crane mats made of hardwood timber — these mats soil contamination, protecting local ecosystems for future generations.

Quick Set-Up

Bog and crane mats are surprisingly simple to set up. Most systems are compatible with your existing lifting machinery, meaning that it is usually just a matter of plopping them into place before you get on with your primary activities.

Their versatility also makes them suitable for a range of applications outside of the building site. They’re an excellent tool, for instance, for temporarily paving the main access point to the building site or joining various sections of the building site together. Hence, bog and crane mats help to reduce costs and improve overall site efficiency.

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