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Are you looking to use bog mats within your project, or wondering if they’re something you need to invest in as a business? Read on to find out more about bog mats.

What are bog mats?

Bog mats are a ground protection solution with a wide variety of uses. They come in different shapes and sizes, depending on your project and their intended use. If you’re conducting an event or a project which requires access to hard to reach areas, or you want to limit the impact on the ground and environment then bog mats are a cheap, effective and portable solution. Standard bog mats come in a range of different sizes and thicknesses, and when it comes to the area you can usually choose between 3m or 5m in length and 1m in width.

What are they made out of?

Bog mats tend to be made out of wood or plastic. With wooden bog mats, the different types of wood and tree used will make a difference and should be chosen based on your specific project and requirements. For example, very high traffic areas where lots of people or heavy machinery will be used will require a more hard-wearing material. If the bog mat is going to be used for a considerable length of time then again, the materials should reflect this. Each type of wood has different strengths and weaknesses, meaning the bog mats used on one project may not necessarily be suitable for the next- so choose wisely.

What are their uses?

Bog mats are used when you’re looking to limit the damage to the ground’s surface. An area with weak terrain may suffer destruction as a result of human activities, and if you want to minimise this then an effective covering is necessary. Bog mats prevent the ground from becoming boggy, marshy and unusable, they can prevent machines from getting stuck or people from slipping over. Here are a few different uses they have;


Bog mats provide a solution for those in the construction industry since they offer a sturdy surface for the movement of machinery. Through the use of bog mats, construction workers have a clean working area, they prevent slippery surfaces from becoming dangerous. They can prevent machines and vehicles from getting stuck, reduce accidents and increase efficiency. Working with heavy machinery requires a firm base and a flat surface, which bog mats are able to provide.

Outdoor events

Bog mats can be utilised for temporary floors for outdoor activities, this could be anything from festivals to private weddings, parties, concerts and graduations. Bog mats can be used to protect the beauty of a compound by the construction of temporary compounds before an outdoor event. Bog mats can also be incorporated in camps to provide a stable surface; torrential downpours along with lots of people setting up tents and walking across the field can quickly make the surface marshy and unsuitable. Bog mats could be used as either a permanent solution, or just during the rainier months of the year. Bog mats can also be used to enhance the appearance of game parks and reserves. The paths within the game parks are created using bog mats that facilitate the movement of tourists within the park.

Safe routes for pedestrians and vehicles

Bog mats are most often used to create long-term temporary access roads on construction sites located on or near fragile ground. They’re useful in making inaccessible areas accessible for people and cars. They facilitate the making of safe routes in the regions that have an unsuitable terrain.

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