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Careers in construction are wide ranging and involve much more than the trades that might first come to mind. They include areas such as architecture, planning, project management and of course the actual building side.

There’s nothing like the sense of achievement you get from looking at something and knowing you have been part of it. But with construction covering everything from converting a loft to large scale projects such as the HS2, how do you know where to start?

Different Types of Construction Jobs

From houses to commercial building, through to bridges and energy plants. There is no limit to what can and is built. When you are considering a career in construction, a good place to start is to think about the types of building that interest you. Would you get the most satisfaction from the delight at a homeowner at the extension you have helped build? Do you envisage yourself producing beautiful drawings or eco-friendly housing developments or do you enjoy the idea of managing a sport stadium refurb?

Asking yourself what you are interested in and then thinking about the skills that you have, can really help in deciding which route to take. Some people love nothing more than getting their hands dirty and creating something from scratch, you might be really interested in how electrics or plumbing works or you might enjoy the idea of designing something amazing.

Here is a list of some of the types of careers in construction to consider:

Architects and designers – buildings, technical elements or landscaping
Engineers – building services or civil, structural work
Surveyors – both technical or making sure the project makes money
Management – project management or site managers, getting stuff done!
Trades – specific area of construction e.g., bricklaying, plastering or general labourer
Supplies – you might not work directly on site, but instead work for a supplier providing a range of products, materials or even bog mats to building sites across the country.

If you aren’t sure which trade to specialise in, starting as a general labourer will give you experience of different aspects on site. This can be invaluable in helping you gain experience and a good understanding of how you might want to specialise.

Methods of Employment

Depending on the type of project you might find yourself employed full time on site, acting as a consultant before any work takes place or sub-contracted to work on something specific e.g., as a lift engineer.

If you enjoy variety, then working in construction can offer you the flexibility to work on a variety of different types of projects. This can be really good at the start of your career when deciding exactly what are you want to focus on, or as an electrician for example, that enjoys doing different things. It can add interest to the profession.

Whatever sparks your passion, you can be sure that there is a world of opportunity open in the area of construction. If you want to find out more about specific careers, then this list of types of job might prove useful.

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