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When you are organising and arranging any construction project, you need to make sure you have all the right equipment for the job, or else you can’t know that you are really going to complete the project in the way you would hope. One important piece of equipment that is always necessary is a timber mat. In this blog post, we will take a look at what exactly timber mats are, what they are used for in construction, and how you can source and use them properly. This should help you when you are organising your next construction project, whether professionally or privately.

Essentially, a timber mat is a tough hardwood mat, which normally weighs between around 300kg to 1200kg. The size will obviously depend on the situation at hand and what the mat is being used for. But with a timber mat, you can achieve many things on a construction site that you might not otherwise be able to, and it is the kind of item that you might have seen many times before without fully knowing what it is. So what is the use of a timber mat, and do you need one for your own next construction project?

Why Use A Timber Mat?

Timber mats are used for many purposes in construction. For one thing, they provide an easy opportunity to support cranes and other similar heavy plant, which is essential for ensuring that those items of machinery are being used as safely as possible. At other times, timber mats may simply be used as a way to provide a flat and even surface for one reason or another, in order to make the workplace a lot safer.

Beyond that, you might use a timber mat to provide a jetty or to get temporary access across an unassailable area, such as an expanse of water, which can often happen on any construction site. With the proper use of a timber mat, you don’t have to be concerned about vehicles getting stuck anywhere or not being able to move around easily. The proper use of the right quality timber mats is going to make all that so much easier and simpler, and they truly are an asset to the construction site.

Our Timber Bog Mats

If you are looking for timber mats for construction, you need look no further than our top of the range timber bog mats. We will provide you with the best quality products at an incredible price, but also a fantastic customer service that makes us known in the industry and beyond. We have many happy clients and partners to vouch for us, and you can be sure that you can trust us with your timber mat needs.

So no matter what purpose you might have for timber mats, you can be sure to get the best quality examples by coming directly to us. Get in touch today to find out more, or take a look through our website.

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