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When it comes to some construction sites, there can be some sites that have problems with the terrain that you are working on. If you want to eliminate the issues, then a good option for you is timber bog mats. Not only do they help to provide a stable terrain for the surface that you’re working on, but it can help to protect the terrain too. But what exactly are timber bog mats and why should they be used on a construction site?

What are timber bog mats?

In essence, timber bog mats are large mats that are helpful when you are working with an area on a construction site. Because of the size of them, they help to give the terrain that you are working on a good level of protection. They are simple and quick to install and use on your site, so don’t let installation or presumed fuss put you off. In fact, when it comes to installation, you don’t need to use any tools; just lay them out and then you can go from there.


As they are something that is simple to install on your construction site, and they work efficiently, using timber bog mats makes sense for a lot of reasons. There are a range of benefits to using timber bog mats on construction sites.

  • Cost effective solution
  • Prevent spillages and damages
  • Stable platforms for access, offices and more
  • Improve safety
  • Environmental reasons and ground protection
  • Continue work on site in inclement weather conditions
  • Hire or purchase bog mats across the UK and Europe

Timber Bog Mats on Construction Sites

One of the most common types of bog mat that is used on construction sites are those made from timber. It is a useful material, sustainable and durable and so it makes sense to use timber bog mats on your construction site.

It helps with safety too, helping to make a safe place for the whole team to work. Our timber bog mats are available to purchase or hire, making them suitable for all sized projects and all type of budget. This makes it a fantastic and versatile option for improved safety and construction on site.

But not only this, they are reliable, protect the ground underneath, and can help to prevent accidents or incidents in the workplace. You don’t want to get any equipment stuck either, which is what they help to prevent.

With free nationwide delivery and purchase and hire options available, what could be simpler?

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