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bog mats used working platform

Bog mats and crane mats are different names for the same thing. In relation to working platforms, these are vital to ensure stability for construction plant during any work that is taking place. It helps to avoid accidents or overturning of equipment which can happen in areas of uneven ground.

You may think you have a stable platform, but with the UK weather in mind, it doesn’t take much to turn it into a muddy boggy mess, becoming slippery and unsafe to work. By using bog mats (or crane mats) you can ensure you always have a safe and stable working platform keeping your equipment in-tact and your workforce safe.

It can also help to reduce any delays because work is able to continue in more adverse conditions that would normally halt work completely.

There are different sizes of bog mats available in differing thicknesses depending on requirements, our thicker crane mats are able to take loads of up to 250 tonnes. So whatever the project, we have a working platform solution to meet your needs.

Timber Working Platforms

Working platforms have to be hardwearing, robust and durable and hardwood bog mats meet all of these requirements. Our mats are manufactured using tropical hardwood fron Africa and South America, the timber is chosen for their resistance to wear and tear, durability and grain. They are ideal because of their strength and ability to be used in wet conditions and can even provide a solid working platform underwater.

Not only do our bog mats create stable platforms, they also protect the ground underneath, reducing the impact on the environment and protecting wildlife and the earth from contamination and churn. This not only helps the business in their approach to environmental factors but will also protect against any additional expense for compensation claims after the work is completed.

Our crane mats can be used for (funnily enough!) cranes as well as excavators and piling rigs, in fact pretty much any heavy machinery needed on site.

Using our bog mats for your working platforms comes with other benefits, they are easy to install, we deliver across the UK and Europe quickly and efficiently, we can manage projects of differing sizes and are also able to offer crane mats for rent in situations where purchase is not required. We also have special offers available on our website that can help companies keep to tight budgets.

If you want to find out more about our bog mats or wish to purchase or hire crane mats right away then please get in touch today and one of the team will be happy to help.

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