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Transport Dept HS2 rail

The Hs2 is new fast railway network. It links the north of the country with London and is a much needed improvement in current transportation in the UK. This high speed railway runs through Scotland, the North of England and the Midlands, joining up with London.

It is split into three projects, the first between London and the Midlands, the second between the Midlands and the North of the England and lastly between the North of England and Scotland. It will serve 25 stations, including 10 of the largest cities in Britain.

As such it is the biggest infrastructure project ever undertaken and has been in the pipeline for more than 10 years. The first phase is underway despite a number of long delays and increases in cost. Current estimates put the total price at over £100bn, £90bn more than original projections in 2010.

It’s aim is to have 18 trains running back and forth to London, reaching speeds of over 200mph. Improving connections between London is thought to be a big boost for the country, improving reliability and making public transport a more attractive prospect for commuters and freight alike.

It is also thought that improving the infrastructure will also help boost business, particularly across the North of the country, making journeys to the capital quicker and easier.

It’s looking likely that it could be up to 10 years before we will see services running from London to the West Midlands. This is just one of the criticisms from those against the scheme, believing that the project is going to take too long and that the funds would be better spent elsewhere. Other criticisms are that it is damaging to the environment and that there are no clear statistics to show how it will boost economic growth.

Those for the scheme believe it will boost jobs and help narrow the north south divide across Britain. Many construction companies and materials suppliers are already benefitting from the HS2 project.

Birkett’s Involvement

Birkett’s are delighted to be supplying bog mats to provide access solutions to a number of companies working on the construction of the new HS2 high speed railway network. Our timber access mats provide a safe and solid temporary road solution, as well as providing platforms to enable construction sites to function regardless of the weather conditions. This allows work to continue, minimising the chances of delay.

You can read more about Birkett’s and our part in the HS2 project here.

For more information about the project and it’s three phases you can visit the government HS2 site here.

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