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Once upon a time, people could just buy any wood regardless of where it came from. However, as we try to save the planet, it is essential that we preserve the woodlands, trees, and forests, which are necessary for our own survival. Therefore, today you can’t just buy any wood; instead, you should buy sustainable timber to help stop illegal logging.

What is Sustainable Timber and How is it Produced?

This is wood from sustainably managed forests. This means it is renewable because the forest managers manage the landscape to prevent damage to wildlife, watersheds, trees, and ecosystems. Sustainable timber is produced by harvesting wood after considering the regeneration and well-being of the forest. Therefore, the forest will still exist for your grandchildren and great-grandchildren to keep the air clean for several generations to come. However, wood from unsustainable sources is chopped off, leaving the land bare. Therefore, the trees cannot grow back.

Importance of Using Sustainable Timber

It comes from forests that are responsibly managed

Sustainable timber comes from well-managed forests, and regulatory bodies ensure every piece of timber is legal and sustainable. This has helped stop illegal logging.


While wood can be treated with toxic preservatives, which can prevent the wood from being composted or burnt safely, it’s not necessary when in its natural form. Timber is durable in its natural state, and you can use it untreated. Additionally, advancement in green chemistry means that the non-toxic glues and preservatives can be developed. Also, conventional chemicals have improved over the last few years, and off-gassing is minimal

It’s a great insulator

Are you aware that the best thermal insulation properties are from wood? Sustainable wood beats other common construction materials. According to the approved forestry certification, sustainable wood is five times better than concrete and ten times better than bricks. Therefore, if you want a construction material that can provide you with excellent thermal insulation and at a low cost to the environment, you should consider sustainable timber.

Durable and easy to maintain

Sustainable timber is more durable than other construction materials. A well-made wooden structure can last for centuries. Sustainable timber is also a strong material and is suitable for up to eight-storey buildings, and with new technology, it can be used for high-rises. Additionally, sustainable timber is easier to maintain than most of the other competing materials, especially if you change the color over time. You will also be surprised to learn that despite being used as a fuel, timber is fire resistant. This is because it burns more predictably than steel, which often collapses once a certain flashpoint is reached.

Quick and simple to use

Timber-framed structures are far much easier to erect than stone or brick buildings. A quicker build time will save you more money on labor and also save you time. Building with sustainable timber is a less expensive and specialized skill, and it’s more affordable than bricklayers and other skilled trades.

Great carbon benefits

Have you heard people saying that they want to reduce their carbon footprint? This simply means that they want to produce less carbon (from car fumes and energy from buildings, etc.) because it contributes to climate change. Fortunately, wood absorbs and stores carbon dioxide and helps reduce the carbon footprint. Therefore, by using sustainable timber, you will help save tons of carbon dioxide.

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Beautiful and good for you

The reason why most people use wood is because it looks great. Additionally, timber is attractive, durable, and also good for you. According to a recent study, it was discovered that timber could help increase your health and overall wellness.

Low embodied energy

Sustainable timber has low embodied energy than other materials (the energy used up in the production and transportation of timber to consumers). This is because timber only requires minimal processing when compared to other materials like aluminum, steel, or concrete. The average embodied carbon in an average building contributes to 30-50 percent of the carbon footprint, and it can have a huge impact on the environment. What’s more, the production process of sustainable timber emits less carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, VOCs, and hydrocarbons than other competing materials.

Help Stop Illegal Logging

Irresponsible logging has become a major issue today, and the demand for timber has increased rapidly. Therefore, for some people, their greed exceeds their environmental consciousness. For instance, the world’s oldest tree on Amazon was cut down by illegal loggers who were unaware that they were logging into an indigenous reserve. By using sustainable and certified timber, you can help stop illegal logging.

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