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ground protection for festivals

Obviously the most popular reason for people coming to us to hire or purchase ground protection mats is related to the construction industry, whether its to create temporary access, stable platforms, crane platforms or pipelines.

But that’s not the only way in which they can be used. Here are seven alternative ways that ground protection mats can be used.

1. Festivals

We’ve all seen the pictures at Glastonbury with festival goers knee deep in mud! Well, ground protection mats can help reduce the problem by creating walkways. Not only does this create a nicer environment, it also helps by protecting the ground underneath from being churned up.

2. Parking

For many events whether it’s a local craft fayre or a 10K run, a local field is often used as parking. Which is great, unless the ground becomes a muddy mess making it almost impossible to drive through. By creating temporary parking, you can make the whole experience much more pleasant for those involved, encouraging them to return next time!

3. Parties and Events

If you are hosting a party or event in your garden or local community space, then a stable platform can be achieved using ground protection mats. Much easier to put up tables, have seating areas or even to create walkways to portaloos. There are endless possibilities.

4. Camping

Camping is all about getting close to nature, but that doesn’t mean sleeping in a bog! Ground Protection mats can create bases to help keep you away from the damp ground. They can also be used as a platform for glamping tents and structures and again, to create walkways and parking areas.

5. Zoos, Parks and More

On busy days, ground protection mats can provide areas for people to sit on to picnic or rest. It helps keep people away from the grass, sand or mud beneath making for a more enjoyable experience for many.

6. Beach Access

Ground protection mats are an easy and affordable way to create access for all to beaches. They can even be used to create an area for wheelchairs and buggies so that everyone can enjoy the environment around them, particularly if it’s difficult for some to navigate the sand.

7. Stables, Kennels and Catteries

Anyone that keeps animals knows that at certain times of the year mud gets churned up and results in boggy and wet areas. Not only can ground protection mats be used as a stable surface, they can also reduce the likelihood of this happening in the first place. Use them in key areas prone to holding water.

However you decide to use your ground protection mats, do be careful, they can be slippy in wet weather so if being used for pedestrians, you might want to consider covering them with non-slip mats for a robust solution.

At Birketts, we hire and sell ground protection mats across the UK and Europe, with fast delivery and strategically placed warehouses we are well known as one of the UK’s best suppliers.

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