Birketts Bog Mats

Tractor driving over bog mats

If your construction site is in an area that gets very muddy and churned up from the movement of construction vehicles, bog mats could be just what you need. They provide a stable surface on all kinds of terrains, from sand to mud and everything in between. But more than that, they also protect the ground underneath them at the same time, this is why they are sometimes known as ground protection mats.

Why use Bog Mats?

Bog mats are large timber mats that can be laid out however you wish, offering flexibility for any construction site. They are incredibly easy to install and require no tools. At Birketts, we offer Europe wide delivery on all bog mats. Therefore they offer the following benefits:

  • Provide a stable surface for construction traffic
  • Can be used as a surface for temporary structures such as site offices
  • Protect the environment
  • Are suitable for a wide variety of terrains
  • Will be delivered to site, thus reducing your transportation costs
  • Are available to buy or rent according to your needs
  • Prevent construction equipment getting stuck
  • Allowing work to continue in all kinds of weather

Where are Bog Mats Used?

Construction sites are the obvious answer to this question, no matter what type of site, how large or small, bog mats are the ideal choice due to their cost, efficiency and safety. Projects that often require mats are piling, drilling operations, road construction, pipelines, oilfields and utility projects.

As mentioned they can be used on a variety of different terrains and provide protection I the case of snow, marshes, swamps, rivers and beaches alike. They are incredibly versatile and offer a cost effective solution to access roads, temporary roads, temporary structure platforms as well as offering environmental benefits.

Why use Timber Mats?

Timber mats are the most common found on construction sites and it’s the material that Birketts specialise in, mainly because it is far superior to any other. Timber mats provide durability and safety to employees whilst working in all kinds of environments.

All timber used to manufacture our bog mats are from sustainable sources and so not only are you protecting the local environment where the construction site it, you are also playing your part in preserving the environment globally.

Birketts are able to provide bog mats for sale or rent depending on your needs and our transport services will bring them directly to your construction site, no matter where in Europe it is located. Birketts have built up an amazing reputation within the construction industry and are known amongst many to be providers of good quality mats at the very best prices, with excellent customer service as well.

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