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We recently introduced the House Builders Construction Mat – a 5m x 1m x 85mm European mat, specifically designed for house builders and developers. This innovative product bridges the gap between the existing 70mm and 100mm thick ground mats, proving to be the perfect choice for supporting lighter machinery such as telehandlers and concrete mixers.

Offered at highly competitive prices, our mats are accessible to construction projects nationwide, thanks to our extensive network of depots spread across the UK. They have already been put to effective use in numerous new home developments, witnessing high demand. This popularity stems from their superior quality, the flexible purchasing and rental options, and the availability of next-day delivery if required.

To explore more about this revolutionary product, we encourage you to download our PDF. This comprehensive guide offers in-depth information about the House Builders Construction Mat, ensuring you make the best decision for your project’s needs.

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Why We Created the New Build Mat Pro


Birketts noticed a gap in the ground mat market for a mat with a thickness between the available 100mm thick and 70mm thick mats. Contractors and building companies faced the dilemma of choosing between the two thicknesses without knowing which one was the most suitable for their project. As they were often just using bog mats to support lighter equipment, we used our forty years of experience in the ground mat industry to determine that an 85mm thick ground mat was what was needed.

Like all Birketts ground mats, our new House Builders Construction mat is robust and long-lasting, providing a cost effective solution to creating temporary access and a secure base on construction sites.

Our aim is to supply these new and unique ground mats to many more home developers. As with all our products, our quality is backed by outstanding and personal customer service. Supported by our 40 years of industry experience and our many depots across the UK, we hope to continue offering developers a constant and reliable supply of quality ground mats.


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At Birketts we supply both European hardwood and tropical hardwood bog mats. Not only are these environmentally friendly, but they are also durable too meaning they are suitable for lots of different uses. We sell cost effective, high quality bog mats.

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Praise for Our New 85mm Thick Mat


Tim Barnes of luxury home builder, Galion, says: “We like to do things innovatively and in sustainable and lower-impact ways and Birketts Bogmats’ ground mats allowed us to rethink how we usually handle haulage road creation.

“Without these keenly priced mats from the ground mat market leader, we would have struggled to form a haul road without incurring ongoing refurbishment costs and would have always had the potential for the road to fail, as a possible on-site issue. By using Birketts’ ground mats, we have created a robust, yet easy-to-remove, haul road.”

Galion turned to Birketts bog mats for a haul road solution at its new LakeView development in Keinton Mandeville, Somerset. Using the new 85mm thick House Builders Construction Mat, they were able to create a robust trackway for delivery vehicles as well as telehandlers and concrete mixers. This not only enhanced site safety by increasing vehicle stability, but also supported their aim of reducing their environmental impact. Using the new access mats meant that there was minimal impact on the ground’s substrata and less waste as the ground mats are reusable.

If you think our new Build Mat Pro (Mats for Construction) would be suitable for your next development project, please do get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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