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River and road embankment works and stabilisation provide their own set of challenges.

When river or road embankments start to erode away, they need to be stabilised to prevent further erosion and to protect the adjoining roads, rivers and landscape. There are several different methods used to prevent erosion. Those used to reduce runoff include creating diversions, terracing, grassed waterways and conservations ponds while stabilisation includes creating retaining walls, drop structures or sabo dams.

Ground protection bog mats for river and road embankment works

new bog mats ready to shipNaturally ground protection is of paramount importance for river and road embankment works, both during the works themselves and in the long term. Any ground churn or displacement of the soil will further increase the erosion that is already taking place, and the ground also needs to be protected from contamination in order to avoid upsetting the balance of any delicate ecosystems in the river or surrounding landscape.

One of the challenges presented by works to river and road embankments is gaining access and carrying out works on ground that is already eroding and damaged without making things worse. In addition, a foundation for stabilisation works is often needed in stable earth and sometimes wooden piles are used underneath the foundation to avoid scouring, which requires supporting the heavy machinery required to do this work.

Bog mats can help provide a solution to these problems. As well as protecting the ground underneath, they provide a stable base for any vehicles or machinery to work from. Bog mats create a strong and solid surface on even the most uneven and difficult ground conditions, including slippery, muddy or waterlogged ground. Ekki mats (timber mats made from an African tropical hardwood species) can also be used to create a platform underwater in rivers, as their high density allows them to sink and stay at the bottom of the river and their durability means that they will be extremely long lasting even in the wettest conditions.

Bog mats are also useful for creating temporary access roads or pathways to and from the embankment works, allowing workers, vehicles and machinery to traverse difficult ground conditions without harming the surrounding landscape.

Benefits of bog mats for embankment works

There are several benefits of using bog mats for river and road embankment works and stabilisation:

  • They provide safe access to as well as a stable base at the site of the works, while simultaneously protecting the underlying ground.
  • They are durable and long lasting even in the most adverse and wet conditions.
  • They are easy to transport to the works and just as easy to set up, often using the same lifting machinery that is already being used in the works.

Birketts bog mats for river and road embankment works
bog mats off to be usedBirketts supply only the highest quality bog mats, including European hardwood as well as the very durable tropical hardwoods that are so suited to difficult conditions such as those encountered in these types of works. And as well as limiting the impact to the environment by offering ground protection, our hardwood timber mats are from sustainable sources, so you can be assured that they are environmentally friendly. Why not give us a call today to find out how our bog mats can be used on your next project?


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