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Works involving piling, marine and jetties often require the use of timber mats due to the unique conditions they take place in.

Piling is a technique whereby deep foundations are driven into the earth in order to create a stable base for building structures. Piles are needed when soil and earth are not performing well as the piles spread the load of a building and make the ground firm.

Piles can also be driven into watery ground in order to build upon it – in fact the city of Venice is built on top of wooden piles over the sea water.

Timber mats for piling applications

timber mats in marine conditionsAs the type of ground that requires piling would not provide enough support for piling rigs and the other machinery used, timber mats can be used to create a solid and stable platform for the heavy machinery used in the process. This ensures that the machinery can be safely used on top of these mats, greatly reducing the risk of it falling over while drilling.

Because of the incredible heavy loads and pressure placed upon timber mats during piling works, they need to be particularly hardwearing and strong. Tropical hardwood timber mats such as Ekki mats are ideal for this purpose, due to their extreme durability and resistance to wear and tear. Tropical hardwoods from Africa and South America, such as Ekki, Dabema, Mora and Cumara, are especially well suited to this type of application, as their properties include the necessary hardness, interlocked grain and elasticity for a long lasting and hardwearing timber mat.

Marine and jetty works
Marine and jetty works have a similar challenge to piling works in that the environment (that is the water) makes it difficult to create a stable base to work from.

Timber mats for marine and jetty applications

Once again, timber mats can provide the solution by creating a stable base even in watery conditions.

timber mats next to the seaThe same durability and strength that make tropical hardwood timber mats so suited to piling works means that they are equally useful in marine and jetty applications. Ekki mats are made from an African timber species that is especially known for its strength, and other species from Guyana also have the properties that are necessary for use in very severe conditions. Timber mats made from these tropical hardwood timber species are ideal for use in water due to their high density. This density enables them to sink and stay at the bottom of the water in order to provide a solid and long lasting working platform for marine and jetty works.

Birketts for piling, marine and jetty applications
Birketts is a company with over 40 years of experience in the industry and provides the highest quality timber mats for piling, marine and jetty applications. As important as quality is our dedication to our customers, and we focus on offering solutions, pricing and systems that will keep our existing and future clients coming back to us over and over. We can provide timber mats for the most demanding environments and back this up with the best possible customer service. Call us today to find out more about how we can help you with your next project.


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