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Birketts has over 40 years of experience in providing bog mats to different industries. We have a range of bog mats available for purchase, and our team can help you select the right one for your needs. Bog mats are an important part of many construction projects, and they can also be used for other purposes such as creating temporary roadways or platforms.

What Birketts have to say

Here at Birkett’s, we pride ourselves on being a professional and well-run company whose ethos is to place the customer at the centre of its thinking. We continuously present solutions, price initiatives and systems that will delight our clients. Not only do we provide the highest quality bog mats, but we also excel in customer service. We have over 4 decades of experience in the industry and are always happy to help our customers find exactly what they need.

The Importance of Good Quality Bog Mats

crane mat in use

Bog mats are an important part in site safety and efficiency, our products help work continue regardless of the weather! Our bog mats are made from the highest quality materials and are designed to last. We understand that different businesses have different needs, which is why we offer a range of bog mats in different sizes, and thicknesses depending on the application.

No matter what your budget or requirements, we’re confident that we have a bog mat that’s perfect for you, in fact we offer rental services for those projects that don’t need or want to purchase. You can find out more about bog mat rentals here.

It’s important to note that, other than the high quality timber we use, it also comes from sustainable sources to help minimise the impact of industry on the environment. Environment is at the centre of everything we do, for example, using bog mats can help preserve local wildlife and protect the earth underneath on construction sites.

Our bog mats are often called crane mats, especially when they are used (can you guess?) as platforms for crane work, often in wet environments. To withstand the weight and heavy usage it’s necessary to have well constructed crane mats made using the right type of timber.

Why Customer Service Matters

We believe that customer service is just as important as the products we sell. That’s why our team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have and offer advice on which bog mat would be best for your needs. We understand that it can be daunting trying to find the right product, which is why we go above and beyond to make sure our customers are always happy with their purchase.

So, if you’re looking for high quality bog mats at a great price, then Birkett’s is the place for you.

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