Birketts Bog Mats

ground needing protection

Ground protection mats are useful for a range of different applications. Also known as bog mats, crane mats, timber mats or Ekki mats, just some of the uses for Birkett’s ground protection mats are:

  • Access Roads
  • Temporary Compounds
  • Crane Support & Access Pads
  • Working Platforms & Tracks
  • Road Extensions / Widening
  • Bridges & Crossings
  • General Land Protection
  • Piling, Marine & Jetties
  • River & Road Embankment / Stabilisation

Protecting projects from the effects of adverse ground conditions

Construction and civil engineering projects, as well as events and festivals, are very much affected by ground conditions. Muddy, slippery or bumpy ground makes it difficult both to access remote sites and to carry out works safely once there. Sandy, boggy and snowy ground conditions are similarly difficult to traverse and to work on. Ground protection mats solve these problems by creating temporary access roadways across difficult terrain as well as solid and stable working platforms on site.

Using ground protection mats can help prevent delays to projects due to inclement weather affecting ground conditions, thereby protecting your business from losing time and profit as well as protecting your reputation. Even when sites are still accessible, efficiency can be enhanced by making access quicker and easier and providing better working conditions for plant and machinery to get the job done in the shortest time possible.

Unstable ground conditions can also be extremely dangerous and using ground protection mats minimises the risk of accidents, injuries and even fatalities. No business wants any of their employees to get hurt nor their machinery to be damaged and so creating safe working conditions on site is of paramount importance.

Protecting underlying ground with mats

As well as protecting projects from difficult ground conditions, ground protection mats also protect the ground itself from damage during works.

Using ground protection mats can limit environmental damage by guarding against ground churn and disintegration, as well as preventing cross contamination. Both workers and machinery are able to move freely around a site without the risk of damaging sensitive ground, landscapes or turf. Sensitive ecosystems, agricultural land and heritage sites can all be safely traversed without worrying about damage.

Ground protection mats will also protect any underground services from damage, thereby avoiding costly reinstatement outlays. By protecting underlying ground and underground services, the risk of having to pay out for compensation claims or environmental reinstatement is almost completely eliminated.

Birkett’s ground protection mats

Birkett supplies ground protection mats that are made from either sturdy hardwood European or tropical hardwood, weighing between 300 kg and 1,200 kg dependant on size. Despite being exceptionally durable and of the best quality, they are still extremely good value for money as well as being from sustainable sources and therefore environmentally friendly too. You really can’t do better than Birkett when it comes to purchasing or hiring ground protection mats.

Why not get in touch with us today to discuss how Birkett’s timber mats can benefit your business? Give us a call on 01946 863021 (Northern Sales Enquiries) or 0208 191 8821 (Southern Sales Enquiries), or email us at [email protected].

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