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Temporary compounds are often required on construction sites and considering the best way to go about providing such an area is an important consideration in any project that needs one.

Temporary compounds are hardstanding areas within a construction site or intermittently alongside a road or rail project. These areas provide a based that is designated for certain site activities.

What are temporary compounds used for?

timber bogmats for compoundA temporary compound can provide storage for plant and machinery, parking areas for workers and clients or even a base for modular buildings providing offices, storage for materials and welfare facilities.

These areas are temporary in that they are only intended for use during the duration of the project and will be removed once the project is complete.

They can be created by excavating to lay down stone compounds or created by means of timber mats. Due to their temporary nature, it is usually preferable to use timber mats rather than having to excavate stone compounds and dump them when the works are complete.

Importance of temporary compounds

temporary construction buildingsA temporary compound helps protect the underlying ground from damage as a result of site activities as well as providing for the welfare of those working on site.

Storage of materials and plant could cause significant damage to the environment without a suitable surface to protect the ground. As well as ground churn from those handling materials and machinery, which could damage the landscape and possibly even underground services, there is risk of ground contamination from certain materials. A temporary compound area provides a base which forms a barrier over the ground to protect it.

The benefits are obvious. As well as protecting the environment and landscape, temporary compounds also improve working conditions for those on site and increase efficiency overall. There is also less chance of adverse weather affecting ground conditions to the point where a project is delayed, so it is more likely to be completed on time and to budget.

Timber mats for temporary compounds
Timber mats are a very versatile solution when it comes to providing temporary compounds. They are quick and easy to set up on site and just as easily removed when the project is finished. They provide an effective barrier above the ground as well as a sturdy and stable surface for whatever storage or activities the area is designated for.

Birkett’s timber mats are ideal for use in creating temporary compounds as they can be laid very quickly and easily using existing lifting machinery on site to lift and place the mats in position. They are also easy to stack, transport and offload. Most importantly though, they are of a very high quality and extremely durable and long lasting. We only use sustainable sources and supply timber mats made from both hardwood European and tropical hardwood, as well as in varying sizes and thicknesses, to suit your project’s needs.

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